Clutter: The Beauty of Less

Stuff I didn’t need nor use lay strewn across my room, on my table, floor, and shelves: books I hadn’t read in ages and some I hadn’t read at all; souvenirs from a trip that wasn’t particularly interesting, and that I didn’t even go; exercise equipment I didn’t use; keys to unknown locks; and other miscellaneous “stuff”.

The night before, I finally decided to get rid of this clutter and put things in their rightful place, while the decision was acted upon just last night. I threw away the stuff I didn’t need, while packing the stuff I did nicely (even the previously useless ornaments created aesthetic value after some creative placement).

I cannot tell you just how much of a difference this exercise in de-cluttering has made to my state of mind. I feel fresher, freer, and more in control. Why didn’t I do this before?

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