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On Analysing Big Data and Storytelling

There’s a neat post on analysing big data and storytelling on an HBR blog worth checking out. From the post: Data scientists want to believe that data has all the answer. But the most important part of our job is qualitative: asking questions, creating directives from our data, and telling […]

Running in Perth

It was heavenly – went out on a run with a good friend in Perth and in perfect weather, too. Recollections of past runs from five years ago suddenly flooded my mind. It was almost like I’d never been away. In particular, I remembered how nice it was that strangers […]

Going to Perth

The wife and I will flying to Perth tomorrow night. It’s a homecoming of sorts, both of us having spent about two years (2.5 in my wife’s case) studying at UWA. Both of us are feeling pretty excited, wondering what has changed (and what hasn’t) and planning to revisit our […]

Choose your customers

Seth Godin recently had a great post on choosing your customers. He’s not the first to say this, and he’ll certainly no be the last, but it’s always good to hear reminders like this. Choosing your customers first (before doing anything to get customers) isn’t intuitive. Heck, choosing your customers isn’t intuitive (who […]

How to read library books

There are 14 library books on my table staring back at me as I write this. Six borrowed on my card (maxed). Six borrowed on my dad’s card, which I have permanently borrowed (also maxed). And two on the wife’s card (not maxed, but soon to be). As the wife […]