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The Authentic Self

The way I think has changed somewhat. From pessimism to optimism, from despair to hope. That fire in my belly — it’s going out, but I do not wish it to.

All those sticks of negativity I put inside long ago are running out, and the sticks of optimism are still wet and cannot be put in just yet. Stuck without fuel for the fire, I’m lost and confused, but have no choice but to keep trying to light it, lest I die of cold, cold, apathy.

My Fastest 2.4

It’s been almost two weeks since I took my IPPT test (a standard physical fitness test to gauge the basic physical fitness of an individual), my best one to date. The IPPT consists of four stations plus a 2.4km run, which I believe is the highlight of the test itself. […]

Rushing to Wait

One of the things that my friends often complain about in SISPEC (my army camp) is that we are often rushed (to lessons, demonstrations etc.), only to have to wait while the instructors get themselves ready. “We rush to wait, and wait to rush”. Then I came across a passage […]