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Reading the paper over breakfast

I came across an article on talking about the way introverts think. It starts off with a very interesting scenario: you see a couple having breakfast together, each reading the newspaper — is it a sad situation (as they’re both “ignoring each other”, or a happy one (as in […]

Birthday’s Come and Gone

Thank you all for your birthday wishes. Now one year older, I feel that much wiser — it’s amazing what one day can do to you. Thank you my fiancee for that wonderful treat! For the uninformed, we ate at the Melts restaurant yesterday, and it was one of the […]

Cleaning up the room

“Why’d you throw these away?!” my brother and I exclaimed upon seeing the pile of books that’d been marked to be thrown or donated, the former because it was easier and the latter because it’d assuage some of the built associated with book-burning. We couldn’t believe what our mom had […]