Hunger and Murder

Have you ever tried going on a diet before? Every succumbed to the temptation to eat? Every had that “this is the last piece” mentality, when it really was “this is the last piece before the last piece”?

After one full meal, you realise how much you’ve eaten, and vow to go on a diet (and which seems to easy, since you are already bloated), only to to realise later on that dieting wasn’t as easy as you thought? And even though you know a diet is good for you (and perhaps your spouse or potential mate), you still cannot put in the discipline to go all out on it?

Ever thought if that was how a murderer felt? That even though he knew it was bad (to kill someone), he might just couldn’t have helped it? Your “last piece” that wasn’t, was his “last stabbing” that wasn’t.

Can a person be put to death because of one moment of uncontrollable folly? That very same folly that makes you go “one last piece” when it isn’t?

How to attact people like a magnet

I would like to share with everyone a great way to attact people like a magnet. I saw a book on this subject called How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, but thought it was a little long for me.

I decided to come up with a simpler plan.

Steps to attract people

First, exchange all big notes you have (dollar notes), and exchange them for smaller denominations — unless of course, you’re very rich, and can just stick with the larger notes. Take note (pun intended), these notes should not be that small though, use your own discretion to decide how much is enough.

Next, hold all that cash in your hand, and walk down a busy street, preferably in town, or busy shopping area, dropping a note every few metres. After about a kilometre of walking, I can guarantee you at least 20 people will follow you in the hope of picking up some free dough. Another 50 will wonder what the 20 people are doing, and thus follow them. Another 100 or so people will wonder who the 50 are following, and watch with considerable interest.

About half of the hundred will follow as well. One or two people will call the press, so you’ll have some media publicity at the end of this as well. The large crowd will cause some distress to shop-owners, who will call the police, woried that should this riot go wild, looting will invariably follow.

So now not only have you attracted the shopping crowd, you’d have gotten hold of the media and military — what else could you ask for?

After a kilometre or so, your cash would probably be running out. Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, and run away before you are arrested. Consider yourself an electric magnet, with the money being the electricity — once your run out, you can’t attract no more.

There you go. You now know how to attract people. Who needs to read How to Win Friends and Influence People, eh?