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Singapore Boleh!

I just came back from the Singapore vs. Malaysia semi-final match of the ASEAN Football Championships. With the score 1-1 at the end of normal time, the match went into Penalties, from which Singapore emerged triumphant (five conversions to Malaysia’s four). Fantastic Atmosphere It was a rocking affair at the […]

Studying Overseas

I’ll be going over to UWA (University of Western Australia) in a little less than three weeks time. This all still feels a little strange to me. I never quite expected to be one of those who “study overseas”. But I plans in education haven’t always gone smoothly. In primary […]

Man Makes Himself

Here’s a quotation I’d like to share with you, attributed to Jean-Paul Sartre: Certainly we cannot say that this man [a young student of Sartre’s who in 1940 had to choose between going to England to join the Free French Forces or staying in occupied France to care for his […]

I Feel like a Teenager

I stopped working at UniSIM about two weeks ago. So for the last couple of weeks, I’ve had considerably more time on my hands than I’ve had for the last couple of years (when I was doing my full-time National Service in the army).


I found this very interesting website called Exactitudes by chance while browsing through a book called Web Design: Portfolios (Icons S.). From the book: Visualises the complex relationship between the individuality and the collectivity: the apparent contradiction of wanting to stand out from the others and be unique by assuming […]

On Making Resolutions

I’ve never been much of a “new year resolutions” kind of guy. As much as I’ve always believed in goal-setting, which is what new year resolutions really are, it has never occurred to me that they actually work. I was looking back on the new year resolutions I had written […]