Limiting Profile Depth Search on Friendster

One of the greatest joys in life is going through the profiles of friends and their friends on Friendster.

It used to be incredibly easy to search for like-minded people who were closely connected to you.

Type in a keyword, select the “profile depth”, and viola, you’ve got a list of like-minded people (or otherwise) who are closely connected to you on one convenient page.

But not any more.

Searching Within Friends

It appears they have since taken out this function, no longer allowing you to limit your search to friends of friends. Now if you want to search, you have to search through every single profile in Friendster. Bummer.

However, I present to you here a quick and easy way of emulating that function. You simply need to do add the following to the end of the URI in the address bar of your browser, after you have typed in a search:


For example, let’s say I am wondering if any of my friends know of a “Dawn”. I first carry out a search for “Dawn”, getting:


In the previous search string, all “Dawn”s on Friendster will appear. If I want to limit my search to friends of friends, I add the “profiledepth” string, as so:


You can change the profile depth to any number you like, “1” being friends you’re connected to, “2” being friends of friends, “3” being friends of friends of friends and so on.

Reasons for Profile Depth

Why you would want to carry out a search like this is really up to you. You might be looking for all closely-connected friends who are interested in running, or those who are in a book club, or anything really.

Being able to limit the search to friends of friends is useful since if you’re going to meet up for real, it’s easier if this person was a friend of a friend, as opposed to a total stranger.

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