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On Being Good

I just read a parable on being good in a Buddhist text (given to me by my wonderful fiancée, called The Teaching of Buddha) that I thought too good not to share: Once there was a rich widow who had a reputation for kindness, modesty and courtesy. She had a […]

Taking stock of life

I’ve been facing a sort of existential crisis recently, and I think it started with my reading of Between the Monster and the Saint by Richard Holloway, which talked about the humanistic movement and what it meant to be human (not much, it seems). I enjoyed the book thoroughly, reading […]

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

Not too sure what’ s been keeping me from updating more often. Perhaps  a little due to work pressures; perhaps a little due to sloth; perhaps a little due to whatever makes people not do what they wish they did. Life’s been crazy of late. Crazy good somewhat; crazy bad […]

Still Exhausted

I’m still feeling the after-effects of last week’s (and the week before’s) hectic work schedule. Still haven’t had the chance to really catch up on sleep, even during the last weekend (the fiancee and I had a trip to Malaysia on Saturday, for which we woke up early to avoid […]

Why I don’t speed

Today while I was driving home from the fiancée’s, I was overtaken by a Kia Picanto. For those who do not know, the Kia Picanto is a relatively small car, and one that generally doesn’t (cannot, and is not recommended to) go very fast. I had half the mind to […]