The Little that We Know

Last Thursday I attended a communications unit tutorial, and was really surprised (shocked, really) by the discussion that day. The students and facilitator (aka. the tutor) displayed such depth and scope in thought on that week's material (on digital and analogue modes of communication; largely philosophical stuff) that I could only observe is a state... Continue Reading →

The Balloon

As a balloon             filled with helium                        floats                            upward toward                                         the sky,                          it gets larger                           and larger                  as the atmospheric pressure                                         drops                And the helium                       inside             e x p a n d s. Eventually,      it gets so LARGE that it             e    x    p    l    o    d    e    s. Remember this  the next time you feel arrogance                                  (fl o a t) welling up inside of you, and you                                (fl oa t)                                                                          flo at                                                                        float                                                                      float and eventually e    x                                 d                        l                   o                                                                                                            b                  e                                        .

Beyond Oneself

Taken from the book Good to Great, by Jim Collins: David Maxwell, like Darwin Smith (ex-CEO Kimberly-Clark) and Colman Mockler (ex-CEO Gillette), exemplified a key trait of Level 5 leaders: ambition first and foremost for the company and concern for its success rather than for one's own riches and personal renown. Level 5 leaders want... Continue Reading →

Simplification is approaching a new era. After the first of November, I'll no longer be hosted by MediaTemple. As great as they've been these past couple of years, I've found that having your own domain and some web-space just doesn't justify paying [as much as I am paying] right now. I haven't really been able... Continue Reading →

I Shall Be Me

Put me on an Island; Lock me in a cell; Bring me to Heaven; Bring me to Hell; Places don't matter; Nor do the people; Things will not affect me... Okay, maybe a little. But today is my day And I will be free! I shall not be stopped -- I shall be me.

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