Conquering King’s Park!

For the first time in almost four months, I managed a lap around King’s Park today!

I’ve been suffering from a knee injury for the past four months or so, possibly incurred after a round of football and probably made worse by me running through the pain days after that.

Well, though I cannot say that I’m 100% recovered, I think that I’m well on my way to a full recovery, and here’s the things that I’d say contributed to that recovery:

  • Rest — On the recommendations of LiShya (and some helpful folks on the internet) I took about two months off running completely, hard as it was. Though it’s difficult to tell exactly how much it helped, I believe apart from consulting a medical professional it’s probably the next best thing.
  • Consult a medical professional — As I was not in Singapore at the time of injury, and not comfortable with visiting one of the local doctors here (in Perth), I could only do so after about three months since the injury when I was back in Singapore. After some chiding from my doctor (I went to Jurong Polyclinic) about how I should have visited a doctor right after the injury for a proper diagnosis, I was given glucosamine (about a 1000mg dose per day). Glucosamine from the Polyclinic’s dirt cheap, even after taking into account the $12 consultation fee. If I’m not wrong, I paid $20+ for two month’s supply, about half the price of what you’d get at any outside pharmacy.
  • Glucosamine — Again, though I can’t tell how much it helped, it’s about a month after being on this I’ve been feeling less pain in my knee, especially during exercise.
  • A knee brace — I got a knee brace for running, and I think it’s helped me, even if not physically, at least psychologically. One problem with it is that it looks pretty uncool, and I wouldn’t wear running shorts with it.
  • Fish oil — after consulting the internet on what’s the best thing to take for knee injuries, other than glucosamine, I found it was fish oil. Let’s put it this way: even if it doesn’t help you with your knee, the omega 3s in this baby will aid your heart and brain.

Of course, during those four months I wasn’t off exercising completely. I supplemented my lack of running with cycling, jumping rope (surprisingly it’s got less impact on the knee than running), and plain old push-ups and squats (and other forms of strength training, too).

These, if anything, help keep the itch in the legs at bay somewhat, and the body (and your partner) will thank you for it!

I hope this helps those who are injured and/or are wondering if they can do some exercises anyway.

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