Chinese Dogs

I was re-reading the book Thick Face Black Heart by Chin-Ning Chu when I came across this (unintentionally) funny sentence: These simply rules of discrimination are common among the world's businessmen and political leaders, as well as among Chinese dogs. Apparently the author doesn't think very much of businessmen and political leaders!


My wisdom's tooth almost healed already. Although it still gives me a little discomfort, I'm pretty sure that within the next three days, especially after the stitches are removed, I shall be able to do almost everything that I have done before. Including eating sushi. And kissing.

Long Faces

Though he looked Chinese and spoke somewhat like a Singaporean, he wasn't from around here. He had been, in fact, living in Australia most his life. "You know," he told me, "I realised that the people here on the MRT all look so glum. I mean, that's their problem? What I don't understand, is why... Continue Reading →

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