The End of a Journey at Hypovereins Bank

Tomorrow (or technically today) marks the end of two and a half-months of my working at HypoVereins Bank (HVB). Much as I have been looking forward to this day, as it shall give me some mental and perhaps physical respite, I shall leave with a very heavy heart.

I have enjoyed thoroughly almost every day that I have worked there, learning much not only from a technical perspective, improving my skills in MS Excel considerably while dabbling with plenty of other, more obscure software, but also from a human perspective, learning much from the way people behave and handle themselves, as well as having insights into the viewpoints of people very different from myself.

I would never have expected myself to actually like this job, initially even rejecting it because I thought it was going to be boring and not much of a learning experience, but also because I thought I would never fit in with a mainly mandarin-speaking bunch of colleagues. I have been wrong in many things before, but this takes the chocolate cake with a cherry on top.

Tomorrow shall be a bittersweet day, with the relief of finally getting some chillout time mixed with the sadness of leaving a job filled with some wonderful and interesting people.

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