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In defence of “It Depends” (vs. “Maybe”)

“It depends” is one of those really important concepts that not many people use. Perhaps because it lives in the uncomfortable, ambiguous territory between “yes” and “no”. Sure, “maybe”, too, lives in this ambiguous territory. But “maybe” doesn’t commit to saying that ultimately a proper answer exists. “It depends” does. […]

Stop Focusing on Your Performance

A very nice article on focusing on the experience rather than your performance. Gives context to a lot of life’s choices — when nervousness and anxiety threatens to derail your plans, just take it in stride and concentrate on the fact that no matter what happens, you’ve won yourself a new […]

The IT-Marketing Divide

I’d heard and read plenty of stories about the IT-Marketing divide, about how IT people don’t really see eye-to-eye with the “business” people. But I never really believed it because I’d never experienced it. As a business/marketing analyst I interact with both sides quite a bit of the time. So […]

Why you need to learn MS Excel

Just five years ago Microsoft Excel was as alien to me as table manners is to a two-year-old child. Then during my university summer break in 2007 I got a job at a bank that changed all that. I learned that Excel makes calculations of complex formulas easy; Excel works […]

Two versions of

The wife tells me she doesn’t find my latest posts interesting. Well, I say to her, of course not. They’re not meant for you. Which is a little of a lie, because for the most part I do want her to read what I write. I’ve got no stronger supporter; to lose this one […]