In defence of “It Depends” (vs. “Maybe”)

"It depends" is one of those really important concepts that not many people use. Perhaps because it lives in the uncomfortable, ambiguous territory between “yes” and “no”. Sure, “maybe”, too, lives in this ambiguous territory. But “maybe” doesn’t commit to saying that ultimately a proper answer exists. “It depends” does. “It depends” is like the... Continue Reading →

How to write effective e-mails to persuade and inform using the Inverted Pyramid

To write effective e-mails always assume readers are starved for time. Start with the most important points you want to put across whenever you write e-mails that are meant to inform or persuade. This ensures that as soon as your readers read the first few sentences of your writing they'll know what it's about. And even if they skim or... Continue Reading →

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