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Self Improvement

I’ve gotten weary of self-improvement literature. I’m not sure when it happened or how; or if it’s a temporary thing (as so many times it has been in my life) or not; but if I had to read one more list of “things you can do to improve your life” […]

Happiness — a state of mind.

It’s been a week since I completed my two-week in-camp-training (ICT) stint. For those two weeks, I complained to everyone who would listen how much I disliked it, and how I couldn’t wait for “normal” life to resume. I can imagine how stupid I’d sound if I said now how […]

Back from ICT!

Just a little over a day ago, I completed my first “high-key” (two week) ICT  or “in-camp-training”. It’s been four years since I ORD’ed (i.e. left the army), so you can imagine how rusty I was in these matters. Just so you know, I’m one ICT short of most of […]