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Multitasking and conversation don’t mix.

I came across this article (pictured below, with text typed out for your convenience) while browsing through the magazine Psychology Today while at the library this afternoon, regarding why one may feel not truly listened to when the person whom you’re talking to seems to be doing something else, even […]

IPPT Gold Revisited

The future missus said she was proud of me, and you know what? I’m plenty proud myself. So here’s the IPPT result slip that I still keep in my wallet to remind me that I’ve still got what it takes 🙂 I had made it a point to try to […]

Back from ICT

Well guys, I’m back from ICT, and I’ve got the IPPT Gold to boot! 🙂 Training’s paid off handsomely, worthy of a little celebration. Now on to the AHM (Army Half Marathon) in September. Hope that’d go just as well.

Different, not good nor bad.

Today, I was going through Facebook and looking at the profiles of friends and friends-of-friends. Looking through some of the most bad boy/bad girl profiles, I couldn’t help but think what if? In my mind I’m more good boy than bad. It could have been so different though. I remember […]