The Radio

I was feeling down so I went to the shops
And got myself a radio.
It was on sale.
–No returns.
–No refunds.
No problem.

I brought it home and turned it on.
It made me happy.
My mind was busy with its mindless chatter.
–No thoughts.
–No feelings.
No problem.

Then she spoke to me,
And I turned to her to speak.
No words came out.
–Then they did.
–But it wasn’t me.

The radio spoke in my voice
In harsh, unfeeling words.
But words I didn’t mean.
And words I couldn’t stop.
She was hurt.

This, was a problem.

But it wasn’t me.
It wasn’t me.

2012 Resolutions. And 2013’s.

It’s coming to the end of the year. Lots of major dates!

Soon, it’d be the hand-holding anniversary of the wife and I (28th Nov); then it’ll be my birthday in early December (along with a load of my best bud’s birthdays: two on the 2nd of December, one on the 13th, and then a couple more on the 30th and 31st); then it’ll be Christmas, followed closely by the New Year (Happy 2013!)

I wonder if I accomplished any of the things I set out to accomplish at the start of the year.

[Leaves desk, looks in vain for new year resolutions, version 2012.]

Hmm… I suppose I didn’t. You can’t do what’s not measured can ya?

Oh well, New Year’s coming up soon. This time I’m pretty confident of having some resolutions. Things I would like to achieve; to do; to be. Why am I so confident?

Because it’s right here in front of me, baby, that’s why.

Happy November the 18th.