2012 Resolutions. And 2013’s.

It’s coming to the end of the year. Lots of major dates!

Soon, it’d be the hand-holding anniversary of the wife and I (28th Nov); then it’ll be my birthday in early December (along with a load of my best bud’s birthdays: two on the 2nd of December, one on the 13th, and then a couple more on the 30th and 31st); then it’ll be Christmas, followed closely by the New Year (Happy 2013!)

I wonder if I accomplished any of the things I set out to accomplish at the start of the year.

[Leaves desk, looks in vain for new year resolutions, version 2012.]

Hmm… I suppose I didn’t. You can’t do what’s not measured can ya?

Oh well, New Year’s coming up soon. This time I’m pretty confident of having some resolutions. Things I would like to achieve; to do; to be. Why am I so confident?

Because it’s right here in front of me, baby, that’s why.

Happy November the 18th.

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