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Speedy Recovery

I visited a friend today at hospital. His sister has been hospitalised for about two months now after an accident. I don’t know how I may help, but pray for her. And I hope you, too, can pray for her and her family. May she make a speedy and full […]

Distractions of the Doctor

You might have noticed that I’ve changed the look of the site. Early on in the day, I had to decide between changing to to a Drupal installation or upgrading my old WordPress installation. I decided on the former, but after some unsuccessful attempts at exporting the data, decided to […]

Living with Her

“Living together is not easy,” he told me, while he nibbled away at the chicken in front of him. Zixuan and I were at a KFC outlet at Hougang Point, with he having his post-IPPT dinner, with me as accompaniment. We were, as usual, discussing girlfriends. “I once had a […]

The Second Guess

There are days where I second-guess this romance. And ask, “is this true love, or just my imagination?” Then thinking about my thinking I stop mid-thought, and Berate myself for this blasphemous contemplation. But do not fault me for thinking twice about us. Because when it comes to you, believe […]

Beauty World (and Thanks)

I’ve just returned from a company-sponsored dinner and musical (Beauty World). Beauty World‘s a local musical, and though I wasn’t expecting much from it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was the first time I attended a musical in ages, and the first one I’ve watched at the Esplanade. Though I […]

Older and Wiser

“I’m old enough to know if what they’re doing is right,” she tells me, as she looks away as if that was that; the argument was ended; that she was right and I was wrong. We were talking politics, and though I did not disagree with what she had said […]

Love at a Hundredth Sight

I believed that there was someone “out there” who was “meant for me”, someone divined by the stars to be by my side through this life. I had very strong preconceived notions on what this person would be like, and I was certain that there would be no one else […]

Still Alive

I was at many times in this trip tempted to drive recklessly, almost to tell her “f*** you”. But I didn’t. What I feel like doing, what I think of doing, and what I do, are three separate things. I normally do the right thing.

Going Too Smoothly?

“Do you think things have been going too smoothly?” I asked her. “Heh, it’s the honeymoon period, these first three months.” I just lay there, thinking. I didn’t like the way we had progressed. I felt that we needed to quarrel over something. I don’t know why, but when things […]