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You are What You Read

Just before I got on the MRT, I reconsidered my choice of book once more. I always read on the train; but even though I had brought a book out, I had been mulling over that fact throughout the day that I had only brought out one book: John Grisham’s […]

The Honeymoon Period

At the start of our relationship, being new to this game of love, I sought all avenues of expertise asking what I had gotten myself into. One thing that was mentioned more than once was that we were going to go through a honeymoon period and that I should enjoy […]

Saucony Singapore Passion Run 2009

Today I ran an impossibly difficult 15km. An impossibly difficult 15km. Who would have thought? I’d always considered myself a runner (not a jogger, mind you), and one who was as serious about running as recreational runners got. 15km? It’s a short distance. 21km is a middle-distance run, and 42km […]

Thank you Skype!

I just like to say thank you to Skype for reversing my order! Though it took a day longer than I would have liked (every hour felt like an eternity), my wrongful purchase of a service I hadn’t quite wanted was finally reversed. Great service overall; and I’m one happy […]

A Perspective on Death

I’d always wondered what it was like to die. I had dreams where I did; I’d wake up with my heart racing, hands ice-cold and slightly trembling. Then I’d soon realise it was only a dream and, intoxicated with relief I’d smile, thinking how wonderful it was to be given […]

My Quest for Humility

I sometimes sit in front of my computer, staring at the screen; hands on keyboard, unmoving; mind thinking, recalling past personal literary successes, I wish I could write beautifully again. I’d log onto Facebook, or perhaps and do their typing tests, pretending — wishing — the words I […]

The Loving Game

Today the balloting results are out ger ger! I hope we win! Update: We didn’t win… the good news is that in a year’s time we’ll be up for a $5,000 government grant when we apply. Until then, loving you always ger ger!

Grade Inflation in University?

I came across an article by Walter E. Williams, an economics professor from George Mason University, discussing how grades in American Universities have been going up, causing “grade inflation”. For example, a “C” grade, he says, should be taken to mean an “F”. Though I do have an intuitive belief […]