The Change Log

I'm currently writing a new content management system (CMS) that I will be replacing my current WordPress installation with. I had written one before, way back in 2003, and was actually pretty happy with it. But as WordPress gained in popularity, I didn't want to get left behind, so I jumped onto the WordPress bandwagon... Continue Reading →

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is something that many people in this modern age are looking for. The most obvious symptoms of lack of balance is when either performance at work suffers due to family commitments, or the family's upset at all the time the individual spends at work. Many employees tend to believe that the onus is... Continue Reading →

Examination Results

I just received my examination results, and miraculously I managed to improve on my grades from last semester. I'd like to thank all who have supported me. Thanks mom, for always believing in me (though I'm sure you must have had some doubts as I'd had throughout the past semester). Thanks Li Shya, for supporting... Continue Reading →

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