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Seven Days

“It took seven days to reach you, did it not?” she said, referring to the document she had sent him the last time. “No, it took nine days. The average is about there anyways,” he replied. “I remember it took seven.” “No, it took nine,” he said again, this time […]

The 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 principle says that 80% of our profits come from 20% of our customers. In customer-relationship management or CRM, that leads us to believe that we should therefore concentrate our resources on those 20%. But what happens in the long run if you dedicate more and more resources to […]

Running and Leadership

Waking up for 6am runs is a damn pain in the arse, and that’s an understatement. When my alarm goes off at 5.50, I think to myself, “man, can I just go back to sleep? I’ll just tell Wei Hao I overslept.” At 5.55, when my next alarm (I always […]

Staying Out

I’ve been in Perth for a little over a week now. I’m now staying out of hostel (I used to stay in Currie Hall), renting a place not far away with two of my best friends here (one of whom I am in a romantic relationship with (it’s Wei Hao […]