Seven Days

“It took seven days to reach you, did it not?” she said, referring to the document she had sent him the last time.

“No, it took nine days. The average is about there anyways,” he replied.

“I remember it took seven.”

“No, it took nine,” he said again, this time with a hint of irritation.

She looked at him and half squinted her eyes, and said, “I’m sure it took seven. Anyway, we’ll do the same thing again. I’ll send it over to you the same way.” And with that, she walked away.

He felt a little peeved that they couldn’t quite agree on the time it took. He was certain that it took nine days for the document to reach him from the time it was sent.

He hated to be wrong; and the way it stood, he was wrong as far as she was concerned.

He went online, and after about 15 minutes of searching through his e-mail archives, managed to find evidence that it did, indeed, take nine days for the document to reach him. He printed out the e-mail, and armed with it, went looking for her.

Upon finding her, he wasted no time in telling her so.

“There, you see? It took nine days!” he said, pointing to the printed e-mail.

“Okay,” she replied, looking at him and smiling.

He looked at her quizzically. “Okay?”

“Yeah,” she said, “Okay.”

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