What I Love

Heya. You know something?
I was thinking about you last night.
I was thinking about us.
I was thinking about what I liked about you.
So I started coming up with this list.

I love the way you look.
I love those beautiful eyes.
And your spectacles. You’ve got impeccable taste.
I love your lips.
I love the way you speak.
Ooh, and those hips. Nice. Ha.

I love the way you tilt your head to the side when you draw.
And I love the way your hair falls over your face when you tilt your head like that.
And I love the way your hand sweeps the hair off your face, hooking it behind your ear, only for it to fall once again.

I love the way you pretend to ignore me.
I love the way you look at me through the corner of your eye, then shyly look away again.
I love…

But then I realised something.

I’ve loved these things about others before.

Things I’ve loved in you, I’ve loved in others too.

But yet, for you, it’s different.

I realised I didn’t love the things about you.

Oh no no no.

What I love…
…is you.

Walk the Line

I watched the movie Walk the Line last night, and I loved it. Believe me, I’m not saying this because I’m a Cash fan. I love cash, but didn’t love Cash.

I’ve always thought his voice terrible, albeit unique — quite like Leonard Cohen, another singer whom, for me at least, is an acquired taste. I remember the song that changed my perception of Cash. That song was Hurt (a Nine Inch Nails cover); I actually surprised myself by liking it.

Perhaps it was the apparent depth of feeling he portrayed in the song, or the fact that he had passed away not too long after releasing that song, that made the song that much nicer to my ears than his earlier stuff. But still, it wasn’t until the movie that I was truly Cash converted.

So when I decided to watch the movie, I went into it with low expectations. I didn’t know what the movie was about, except that Joaquin Phoenix was acting in it, and that I knew him from the movie Gladiator, which I thought was quite good; (and it was also from that movie that I learnt, from my sister, that he was the brother of River Phoenix, whom I now know died of a drug overdose in 1993; I surmised from the fact that her talking about Joaquin Phoenix as the brother of River Phoenix that River was, at that time at least, the more famous sibling)

I used to dislike biopics, generally because I thought truth could hardly be as dramatic as fiction. But, as I was to find out, not all lives are made equal. And to base life in general on my own thus far would be a great disservice to the possibilities that lay ahead. What I mean to say is, my life may thus far be boring, but life itself, is not. And certainly not Cash’s.

I would also like to mention the great acting of the two main leads (Joaquin Phonix as Johnny Cash, and Reese Witherspoon as June Carter). If anything, just to watch these two act would be worth the price of admission; and this especially for Witherspoon, whom I had only seen in comedies or lighter-hearted shows, and put in a sublime performance as June Carter here.

If you haven’t watched it, watch it. DVDs out in stores now. 😉

PS: This movie is a love story as much as it is a biopic. And the dramatic parts are absolutely gripping. It has everything you’d want in a good movie. Really.

The New Balance Real Run

I went for the New Balance Real Run today, held at Sentosa. Having not had any running done for the past week, and little running done for the past few, I expected a poor run; thankfully the run wasn’t too bad, and I managed to complete it not disgracefully.

But probably an outcome of such hard running after a reasonably long lay-off from running is that I’m currently suffering from a general feeling of tiredness; as if all my energy’s been spent, and I’m but a slow moving shell of a me.

For the previous three months since I had returned from Brunei, I’ve managed to uphold a dedication to cover about 30km worth of run every week, until the past couple of weeks, where I’ve run 7km (the week before the last) and 0km (last week).

My body’s starting to show signs of sluggishness as well, both in the form of function and aesthetics. Of course, you might call this a step back after two steps forward.

So, not too bad overall, I guess…

Anyhow, on a different note. The muse still hasn’t really come back to me, so I’ll stick to writing commentary on my life for the time being.

Forgive the ego.

A Little Hiatus

Every once in a while, one reaches a point of having nothing to write about. And so one doesn’t write. But having a professional sense of duty to one’s readers, one struggles on, churning out sentence after sentence of fluff, hoping one’s readers gets fooled into thinking: hey, that’s some good stuff here! And it’s certainly not fluff.

But that, of course, is not I. I think too highly of my readers to think that they’d be fooled into thinking that. My readers will take one look at this post, and realise how badly I need to take a break. From writing. From everything. They’d understand. So dear readers, I’m telling you now, I’m taking a short break while I gather my strength to write again.