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How to Make Wealth

I revisited my old friend StumbleUpon yesterday. As always, that old friend had a serendipitous article for me stroking my entrepreneurial ambition, striking so many chords I felt like an old guitar. The article was by Paul Graham, one of the founders of Y Combinator (a Yahoo! company focusing on […]

On Immigration (In Europe)

I’m currently reading a book called Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, by Christopher Caldwell, which talks about how immigration (and Islam) has affected Europe. Early on in the book Caldwell writes that though Britain has generally been against mass immigration, it has been without much conviction, which could be […]

The Wheels on the Bus

Night beckoned; the bat’s dawn. The moon’s out; the sun’s gone. Life retreats; life begins. Hidden virtues; hidden sins. Then the wheels on the bus bursts into my head like a mad man opening fire at school children for no reason other than that he’s opening fire at school children […]