What other wedding expenses do we need to consider?

Just the other day the Lix started worriedly asking me if we had enough money to get married. I told her we mightn’t, and that if it came down to it we’d just borrow what we needed.

But Lix has a strong aversion to borrowing. “If we can’t afford it,” she said, “we shouldn’t be doing it.”

Yeah, that’s why I said HDB void deck but “Noooooooooo,” she said.

So I came up with a list of our expenses, trying my best to make sure I caught everything (in my six months as a scout, if I learned nothing except one thing, it was this: “be prepared”. Hey, you know what they say: once a scout, always a scout.)

Still, I can’t quite shake off that feeling that I could be missing something somewhere.

  • Bridal Package (mostly paid for already, so probably no worries here)
    • Pre-wedding photography (over and, well, done)
    • Actual day photography (under and medium rare — haha, food joke. get it?)
    • Bridal gowns / tea dresses (to serve tea in I suppose)
    • Groom’s suit (with a body like mine, who needs one? heh.)
    • Father-in-laws suits (with spandex preferably)
    • Make-up artist on actual day(?)
  • Videography on actual day (deposit paid. Hope they’re still in business then.)
  • Band (live music) for actual day (deposit not paid. Hope they’re still available then.)
  • Professional emcee(?) (professional. hopefully.)
  • Bridal car (anyone wants to loan me their car?)
  • Hotel room(s) for guests from overseas (anyone running a bed and breakfast?)
  • Extra wine (I suppose two bottles per table would be enough? Maybe less… shouldn’t encourage excessive drinking, ya?)
  • Hong bao’s, for both the Malaysia (in ringgit, thank God) and Singapore banquets
  • Rest of banquet $$$ less deposit that’s been paid (all I can say is, “ouch.”)
  • Wedding bands (where should we get it?? and gold prices are going up… argh. Acrylic diamonds look so real… *cough cough hint hint*)
  • Invitation cards (printing of — actually, I’ve got a laser printer at home. Colour laser. *blink blink hint hint*)
  • Furniture for our new room (Only the best European furniture. IKEA.)

Is there anything else I’m missing? Any Where’s Waldo expenses?

(I suppose painkillers and a list of SOS hotlines would be good (just for me), but I’ll leave that on my unofficial list.)

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