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People Watching

People watching used to be a favourite hobby of mine. Sitting at a café, observing without judging. Then technology came along. And I don’t observe people so much anymore. I mean, you can’t observe both the screen and the people around you, can you? A real pity, really. Technology has […]

Trashing the first draft

He looked at my screen, saw the first draft of an e-mail I’d been penning, and shook his head. It wasn’t pretty. It didn’t read well. The message that should have been communicated within the first line was placed below another eight lines of filler. And to think I’d been […]


Sitting on the swing, relaxing after a heavy dinner, Looking at stars I used to know more intimately, I reminisced about times that seemed so recent but Were (five, six, seven… no) fourteen years ago — Half a lifetime away. I used to watch the stars as they crawled across […]