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“Freak” Rain Every 50 Years?

At lunch yesterday, a colleague of mine told me about the previous day’s rain that had caused flooding in the Bukit Timah area. The damage, he told me, was quite substantial, with some of the major casualties being the cars caught in a basement carpark (with water levels up to […]

The Black Swan

My thinking has lately been a little inspired by The Black Swan, by Nicholas Taleb (author of another of my favourite books, Fooled by Randomness). The basic idea behind the Black Swan is that we cannot ignore improbable events (especially high-impact events), and that absence of proof does not mean […]

On Reading

I am a voracious reader — I read anywhere and everywhere: on the toilet or on the bus; at home or at the office; at the library or at fiancee’s home; while watching television or exercising. I like to think that I’m always learning something new, something to apply to […]

The need for a car

“I think that it was the car,” my mom said over dinner, “that kept me going in my job.” When I first heard this I didn’t realise just how counterintuitive it was. My mom was referring to how important she felt the car was in for her keeping her job. […]