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Name Card

I received my name card today — my very first name card! It’s certainly a personal milestone for me. I remember when I was still in primary school, taking a stack of my dad’s name cards and pretending they were mine; I’d go around and pretend I was a businessman, […]

I’m Blessed

I’m currently undergoing one of the worst bouts of sickness I’d ever undergone in a long, long time. Fever, cough, a sorethroat so bad swollowing my own saliva feels like swollowing glass, a running nose, and to top it off, a body ache brought about by Sunday’s 10km trail run. […]

The Confirmation Appraisal

I think that I had neglected to tell you that I went for my confirmation appraisal just the other day (last Thursday). What that means is that I am now a confirmed permanent staff of my present company. Just like to express to my company my sincere thanks, and that […]

Entrepreneurship and Full-time Work

A couple of days ago I had a talk with a good friend of mine, also an aspiring entrepreneur, regarding entrepreneurship. Though we shared many similar thoughts regarding this subject, it was when we differed that I learned the most. At one point of our conversation, the reasons why we […]

Internal Talent Scouting

I went for an “interview” with a corporate HR person yesterday, from a department called Talent Management. Before you think how to yourself, “wow”, allow me to admit that I wasn’t exclusively chosen for it — I was one of the 200-or-so (probably more) marketing people who were. Though I […]