Outer Space

The heated discussion, too hot to handle,
Weakened the grip of the hand.

A slow release, we floated apart,
Rising above familiar land.

But as time went by, and the further we went,
It started getting harder to breathe.

And I think we both wished that we would both
Stop pretending we wanted the other to leave.

’twas like we were in outer space, our grip
On life and Earth released.

And then our hands joined back, and that was that,
The angry Gods were appeased.

The HDB Lottery

After about six tries, Lix (i.e. the fiancee, who doesn’t want to be called “my fiancee” any more… she’ll be called “Lx” from now on!) and I finally managed to get a very credible HDB ballot position.

We’d applied for this BTO called Punggol Topaz sometime last month, and got the confirmation this afternoon that we were placed 62nd out of a possible four or five hundred. It’s an excellent number (especially when compared to our previous 3000+ and 4000+ positions) and one we are really grateful for.

As much as it is a lottery, my mom made efforts in influencing this lottery by writing in to our MP (Member of Parliament) to give him a piece of our mind over how flawed this balloting system was; and with the elections looming, perhaps this just had something to do with the number we got? Well, at least my mom thinks so. Thanks mom!

Immediately after getting the news, Lix and friends got to work selecting the “good”, “better”, and “best” flats we could choose. And like the previous balloting exercise, she came over to my house with copies of the development’s layouts and maps (with some in full-colour, I might add). What great service! 🙂

We’ve got about a month or two to prioritise our flat choices, after which we’ll be called down to do the actual flat selection. But judging from how the first day went, we’ve got plenty of work narrowing down the choices; even then, can I add that it’s pretty darned exciting? Cos it is!

New Property Cooling Measures in Singapore

This was certainly pretty unexpected: new property cooling measures so soon after the last one (30 Aug 2010). I don’t know to be happy or sad. On the one hand, as someone who’s actively looking for a new home I’m happy that this move might bring home prices down (at least to something I can afford!) On the other hand, there’s just something about this which makes me feel that it was a little heavy-handed. Car and property rules certainly have been undergoing a sea  change lately.

The Performance Appraisal

A little over a year ago I wrote a short piece commemorating my confirmation appraisal, where I wrote about how lucky my company was to have me, and how thankful I was that they hired me when they did. Now that we know each other a little better, I can look back and see if what I wrote then still holds true. It does. I’m still thankful that I was given the job, and I’m still bloody adamant that they struck gold in getting me.

I recently went through yet another performance appraisal, the third thus far at my current (only) company. Perhaps this month or next, I’ll know the results of my appraisal. Or rather, I’ll know the tangible outcome of my appraisal.

I know I did well, but scoring well in an appraisal is vastly different from getting positive results due to scoring well in an appraisal. It is the latter, and not the former that matters.

You can score crapshit in the appraisal, but if you’re getting a higher job grade or a higher-than-expected increase in salary it’d beat scoring an A or what have you and and getting neither.

Right now when I’m work I feel like I’m in some kind of holding pattern, just waiting for time to pass. The future holds so much promise it renders the present pointless in comparison.

The Reliability of Internet Marketing Research

I was doing some secondary research on the web to try to gather some statistics on small businesses and websites when I realised that there just wasn’t much reliable data around, and that the majority of the statistics on the web were referencing themselves (this is like when an article on website A would point to 50% of small businesses not having websites in 2011, a statistic it obtained from an article written in 2009 on website B, which got its information from website C, which was incidentally quoting an unconfirmed “Internet Research expert” who wrote it on some tech forum, citing some old and unconfirmed piece he remembered reading a couple of years ago).

Reminded me of an article I read on how Wikipedia was subject to these sorts of self-referencing too.

It’s 2011, people

Happy 2011 to everyone! It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new you, too, don’t you think? Set it down to make this year your best year yet.

What do you hope to achieve? Write down your goals, then write down the steps that will get you there. And then, of course, diligently work on the steps, and before you know it, you’ll be who you wanted to be!

Either that or just be yourself my friends. Because you’re all great just the way you are.