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Outer Space

The heated discussion, too hot to handle, Weakened the grip of the hand. A slow release, we floated apart, Rising above familiar land. But as time went by, and the further we went, It started getting harder to breathe. And I think we both wished that we would both Stop […]

The HDB Lottery

After about six tries, Lix (i.e. the fiancee, who doesn’t want to be called “my fiancee” any more… she’ll be called “Lx” from now on!) and I finally managed to get a very credible HDB ballot position. We’d applied for this BTO called Punggol Topaz sometime last month, and got […]

The Performance Appraisal

A little over a year ago I wrote a short piece commemorating my confirmation appraisal, where I wrote about how lucky my company was to have me, and how thankful I was that they hired me when they did. Now that we know each other a little better, I can […]

It’s 2011, people

Happy 2011 to everyone! It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new you, too, don’t you think? Set it down to make this year your best year yet. What do you hope to achieve? Write down your goals, then write down the steps that will get you there. […]