My name is Donn Lee (and yes, that’s with a double “n”) and I’m from Singapore. I have an incredibly strong interest in technology and especially how it can be combined with business in order to better the world and the human condition. My preferred mode of contact is through LinkedIn.

Here’s a more in-depth look at who Donn Lee the person is:

I work and play at the intersection of business and information technology, constantly looking for ways to make full use of IT (i.e. Information AND Technology) in all aspects of business and life, whether it be Gmail Calendar hacking for personal productivity or Excel wizardry for financial modelling. Business and IT are too intertwined in my mind to think about separately.

I’m a huge fan of running, especially running through unexplored territories — my motto for travel is: if I haven’t run there, I haven’t been there. (Update as of Dec 2018 – I just completed my third marathon, my fastest yet, in 4:46. It’s not an objectively quick time, but it’s about 20 minutes quicker than my previous best, and placement-wise I was actually in the top 20% overall.) 

I read and write extensively too (e.g. on edonn.com). My reading list’s mostly non-fiction (business titles, social science titles, Richard Dawkins, science, and more), but you’ll occasionally see the odd fiction piece creeping its way in (notably Kazuo Ishiguro, Richard Yates, and short story anthologies).

My taste in music is varied. Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, many other indie performers (Bon Iver and Jens Lekman spring to mind), the occasional classical (Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” just popped up). But let’s not get carried away with the high brow. I listen to Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and the various X-Factor contestants as much as the next guy. 

My Education and my Work

So, a little about where I studied and where I’m currently work (and used to work). I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Commerce from the University of Western Australia (UWA) — a beautiful school, by the way — in 2008. I followed this up in 2017 with a Masters of Technology (MTech), specialising in Enterprise Business Analytics, at the National University of Singapore.

After spending four great years at Future Electronics as a Business Analyst, I moved on to Study Group as a Sales Analyst, but have been promoted a couple of times and am currently (as of writing this in 2018) the Head of Sales Operations, and leading an exciting analytics transformation for the organisation where machine learning will play an important part. 


If you’re into personality testing, and in particular the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, I’ve tested as an INTJ and an INFJ, with the T and F functions generally being 50% or close (personally I think I’m more “F” than “T” if that matters). Descriptions on the net that I’ve found on these two personality types do seem to describe how I see myself though I know it’s not an exact science.

On Copyright and Using Stuff on eDonn.com

All things on my site may be linked to or used without my permission. I only ask that you provide the link back. But if you don’t, it’s OK… just pass on the goodness!

About eDonn.com

eDonn.com is a platform for me to share my ideas. The things I write about follow my interests, and as such they are as diverse as my interests are vast. 

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  1. I visited your blog and I was wondering if I can recommend it. Since many of our audience are middle/upper class, I am sure they would love to visit a blog like yours.

    Let me know if this is ok. Thanks for your time and take care.

    1. Ok… that cracked me up! Especially since I was just reading your article on dry humour. Can’t remember why (since I’ve always known what it was), but this would have been an excellent example. 😀

      Pam S. Bot 🙂

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