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Secret Love

Hello, secret love. Secret Love, Doris Day Once I had a secret love That lived within the heart of me All too soon my secret love Became impatient to be free So I told the friendly star The way that dreamers often do Just how wonderful you are And why […]

"Sorry, you're just a friend to me."

And that’s what she said to him right after he had revealed his romantic interest in her. He stood there, bewildered, for a moment or two, then he started to smile. “That’s what life is about isn’t it?” he asked her. “I’m sorry,” she replied, averting his gaze. “There’s nothing […]

Not Tested on Animals

He told me, “do not worry, Sir, our soap products are not tested on animals.” “How then,” I asked, “do you know your products are safe for me?” “Let’s just say, Sir,” he replied, “that there will be many more dirty African children if we were not around.”

Energy Savings with Blackle?

I came across a site called Blackle (via Slashdot). Apparently, it suggests that Google should change its webpage’s background colour from white to black, in an effort to reduce energy consumption. From the page: Blackle saves energy because the screen is predominantly black. “Image displayed is primarily a function of […]

On Disliking People

Bothered by my inability to accept another for who he was, I asked a friend if he himself ever had problems with people. As far as I was concerned, this friend was well-liked, amiable, and friendly; and if there was anyone who would be accepting of people in general, it […]

The Missed Call

He picked up his cellphone and started scrolling through the contacts he had built up over the years. Reaching her name, his heart skipped a beat. With his finger on the call button, he sighed, and put his cellphone back upon the table from which it had been taken. He […]

Making Sense of You

Just when I thought one and one made two, You added into the equation “you”. Making a loop, pulling it taut, You entangle my life into a giant knot. I’m waiting for the day you’d tell me ‘no’, Tell me to leave, tell me to go. But you always treat […]

Before Sunset

I watched the movie Before Sunset today. I had never heard of this movie before I watched it, and therefore went into it without any expectations. The movie was surprisingly good, and it ranks right alongside Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as my favourite movie of all time. A […]