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Tackling Impossible Projects

There was one time one of the files used in building a report was corrupted. In most cases this would be an easy fix: e-mail the relevant IT person in charge of this file and get him or her to send the corrected file over. But there was a small […]


I just found out about Coursera last week. Yes, I know, I’m late to the party! If you’re late like me, here’s what’s Coursera about (taken from their About page): We are a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for […]

The Truth About the Poverty Line

I learned something new about the poverty line of “$1.25 per day” today. I’d thought it was an absolute number. That as you moved from one country to another, $1.25 would buy you more or less stuff, depending on how much the goods and services of a particular country were […]

A quote on salary negotiation

There is a great passage on salary negotiation from the book Purple Squirrel by Michael B. Junge, that reminds that in salary negotiation, it’s useful to think multiple steps ahead of your next move, knowing that in a relationship winning the salary negotiation battle is not winning the career war. Traditional negotiation […]

A business unlike any other

Mark Cuban writes a compelling article on how owning a sports team (in his case the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks) is different from owning a regular company. Worth the read. Makes you wonder: what if I could start a company that could positively influence lives like that?

Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted this on my Google+ profile (follow me there, please) a few days back and suddenly thought better about it–my blog ought to have it, too: Happy Chinese New Year everybody. May the new year bring lots of love, happiness, and prosperity to you and your loved ones. (And for those […]

Potential vs actual performance

Nice article on how potential beats actual performance when during an evaluation (based on a study on the great potential vs actual performance question, actual journal article paywalled though). In one study, the authors took out a Facebook ad to promote the fan page of a comedian.  They created different versions […]