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Just as I clicked on the “Submit” button, a thought ran through my mind: does altruism really exist? I was transferring funds from my bank to the Community Chest, my preferred charitable organisation (a preference years of playing Monopoly developed). Why am I donating? was all I could think. But […]

On Happiness

A passage I thought especially enlightening from the book The Art of Happiness, authored by Howard C. Cutler with the Dalai Lama: [H]appiness is determined more by one’s state of mind than by external events. Success may result in a temporary feeling of elation, or tragedy may send us into […]

Invisible Strings of Association

I’m currently reading the book The 11th Element by Robert Allen. 15 pages into the book and I hit a paragraph where the author lists some far-fetched claims of occasions that I may have had experience with the “11th element”: You’ve tapped in “the invisible network” yourself. Haven’t there been […]

An IFA Career

A couple of posts back, I wrote about my foray into sales and how I was seriously considering a career as an IFA (or independent financial advisor) representative. The first few days after making the decision were great — I felt that I had at long last settled on what […]