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Taiwan Earthquake Disrupts Internet Access

If you reside in Asia and are having problems with your Internet connection, chances are good that it’s due to the recent earthquakes in Taiwan. According to this report from Bloomberg (Japan), the earthquakes have disrupted Internet access all across Asia: Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. Southeast Asia’s largest telephone company, and […]

Meet Your Maker

I was just going through random “friendster” sites when I came across a profile of a girl that had under the “Who I want to meet” heading, “God”. This led me to wonder if she ever got confused when a baddie in a Hollywood movie held a gun up to […]

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas again! Saying that last Christmas feels like it was like just yesterday may have been cliched to death, but that’s just the way I feel. Last Christmas certainly doesn’t feel that long ago. Has a year really passed? I’m sitting here, looking at one of my presents from […]

Why MyMall.Sg Will Not Work has been making its rounds on Singapore TV lately, and this entry is just to say: it doesn’t work. What is It is a new marketing platform based on a combination of two mediums: television (TV) and the web. A splash screen showing a “keyword” will appear at […]

Now a Driver

I am now a licensed driver! Congratulations to me! 🙂 I was this close (*holds thumb and index finger an inch away*) to not making it, but alas, what was meant to be was meant to be. Being a driver is my destiny! Vroom vroom!

Remembering Passwords

Learn a password technique that will allow you to write down your passwords, put them where everyone can see them, yet have no one able to access your accounts! No longer will you have to deliberate if a password is memorable; no more identical passwords from site to site, “so I won’t forget”.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I once borrowed the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki from Wilson sometime back in 2001. Though I found the book interesting, it left me with quite a number of questions, especially regarding the integrity of the facts stated. For example, “if ‘Rich Dad’ is so rich, just […]