Taiwan Earthquake Disrupts Internet Access

If you reside in Asia and are having problems with your Internet connection, chances are good that it’s due to the recent earthquakes in Taiwan.

According to this report from Bloomberg (Japan), the earthquakes have disrupted Internet access all across Asia:

Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. Southeast Asia’s largest telephone company, and Hong Kong’s PCCW Ltd. said Internet service in Asia slowed down after three earthquakes hit southern Taiwan yesterday.

What you can do

I’m currently on Singnet Broadband (in Singapore), and am finding Yahoo! to be one of the few sites that I still have good access to. It is probably the best source of news at the moment.

The localised version of Google (http://google.com.sg in my case) appears to work as well, but only intermittently. Google News works fine, but the links (since they’re mostly based in the US) don’t always work.

For now, just stick to local or localised sites, which have servers based in or around your country. Hopefully the Internet will be back to normal soon.

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