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An Eternal State of Anticipation

I’m currently home-alone in the fiancee’s home, waiting for her twice-a-month four-hour sentence at work to end. I’m also currently in two minds about whether the time I have alone is time to be savoured or time to be passed. Savoured because I’m alone, and can pretty much do what […]

The Man Who Killed His Daughter

I was read this passage (again, too good not to share) in the book Freedom Evolves, by Daniel Dennett, talking about how the absent mindedness of a father led to the death of his daughter. I had once thought quite a bit about the issue discussed here, and always came […]

A Man (Cat) of Few Words

I’m writing this at 6.30 in the morning — I didn’t wake up on my own accord, but was woken by my cat’s quack (if you know my cat, you’ll know that he’s like a feline Tom Waits, and always sounds like he has had a little too much to […]

Be the Best You Can Be!

I was recently reading a personal development blog when I recalled the days not too long ago that I, too, had wanted to start my own personal development blog. Back then, I had wanted to be something along the lines of a “life coach” to people; I’d envisioned that I’d […]