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Waltz for Koop

I really should be sleeping now. I had just finished listening to the entire album Waltz for Koop (by Koop), when I thought I’d end the night by listening to Damien Rice‘s The Blower’s Daughter. But it seems iTunes had other plans — I had forgotten to uncheck the Waltz […]

Negotiation and Human Behaviour

The passages quoted below can be found in the book Fundamentals of Negotiation by Gerard Nierenberg. I’m sharing these with you because of the insight it has provided me regarding the techniques in dealing with people. I especially enjoyed the second passage, where Nierenberg asks the reader the question, “are […]

The End of NSF

Today marks the day I’m no longer NSF (National Service, Full-time). It’s been quite a long two years since I enlisted into the army (29th September 2004), and I’m ecstatic it’s finally over. As much as I hated it, I have to admit that life in the army has changed […]

Rainy Day

It’s a rainy day. A guy sees girl he’s admired for a long time, but never got an opportunity to talk to. She seems to be waiting for the rain to stop. She’s looking across the road. He sees a man holding an umbrella and approaches him. They can be […]

Perhaps the Saddest Song Ever

I came across this song, Watching Alice by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, by accident recently. The song is pure genius. Twisted, but sad as hell. Alice wakes It is morning She is yawning As she walks about the room Her hair falls down her breast She is naked […]

Morning Cycle

I decided last night that I would wake up this morning to go cycling. This was something I hadn’t done in a few years, and thus I thought it would be a nice way of bringing back some memories. I used to run/cycle in the early mornings back when I […]

The Old Man

I can still see, vividly, the old woman tending to her garden, carefully plucking out the weeds, watering her plants with the tenderness of a nursing mother. This old woman was the wife of the old man whom about a decade ago my mother called “the creepy old man,” as […]

Comment on this Poem

I just rediscovered one of my older entries, a poem called “Off to Sunday Mass“. This poem is one of my favourites, and I was wondering if some of you guys might comment on it; whether your comments be in the positive or negative, I’d like to hear from you […]