Morning Cycle

I decided last night that I would wake up this morning to go cycling. This was something I hadn’t done in a few years, and thus I thought it would be a nice way of bringing back some memories. I used to run/cycle in the early mornings back when I was in the Poly; back then, I had this habit of sleeping really early, and waking up at 3 or 4 am to do my work or simply chill.

My sleeping habits at present are more typical of young people: sleeping at 1 or 2 am and waking up at 9 or 10 am. So last night’s decision to go cycling this morning was actually a rather hopeful one, as I didn’t quite expect myself to wake up. But there was something about a morning cycle that excited me, so much so that I quite literally jumped out of bed today, at 5.30 am.


On the way from Punggol Park towards Sengkang

Morning fog… it looked really beautiful; I was hoping to capture this better in a photograph, but this really isn’t too bad. Fog in Singapore isn’t very common, and you’ll normally only be able to get this on large areas of vegetation.

Punggol Fog

It was surprisingly busy on the streets even in the morning, though I wouldn’t say it was “rush hour” yet. It was during my return trip that this road was really, really busy. I was actually hoping to cross the road leading to this expressway, but I probably wouldn’t be here writing this if I had attempted it.

Busy, Busy

On the way from Sengkang towards Punggol, I came across these containers

I came across these containers while heading towards Punggol. There were about five of them in total. The one below had a message written on it. I had actually thought it rather dumb. But after some research, I found that it was actually a quote attributable to Pablo Picasso… but then again, does Picasso’s saying it make it any more smarter? Now there’s a question on value judgements.

Container Art

One of the more colourful ones is shown below. I felt that the drawing on this one was the best, but it might just have been the use of colour. The colours used are brighter, and seem to almost pop right out at you.

Container Art II

Trail to nowhere (Punggol)

I found the trail shown below near one of the LRT stations in Punggol. Curious, I decided to follow it in, as I suspected it led to one of the rivers near by; the trail ran parallel to a small drain, which seemed to back up my suspicions. However, after almost 15 minutes of walking in, all I still seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.

A Trail

Wearing shorts and slippers, and carrying around a bicycle, I wasn’t exactly having the best equipment for this mini hike. Looking around and seeing only grass and trees (and the LRT tracks behind me in the distance), I thought it best to head back. Quite disappointing really. Perhaps I might try again some other day.

Words from Freedom

I love singing and talking to myself while cycling with nobody around. It entertains me, and I find that music comes naturally to me during these moments of what I call “freedom”. The words to a song or poem came to me today, and I’d like to share it with you, in its roughest form first (I might polish it and publish it later on as something more complete):

Some people dream
Of ocean waves against the shore;
A stairway to heaven’s door;
The simple joy of yore.

They dream
Of castles in the air;
Riches that aren’t there;
Fruit that won’t bear.

Some dream
Of supermodels too,
And Fiona Xie in the blue;
But I only dream of you.
But I only dream of you.

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