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Office Wear for Women

Promised Zixuan I’d give a link to his newly launched blogshop selling office clothes for women (<= how’s that for SEO my friend?) Go support him! I can guarantee he won’t be running away with your money (he stays nearby, so if he does just let me know and I’ll […]

Fiancée’s in Qatar

And I’m pretty sure she’s thinking of me ‘most every minute of every day. Just like I am of her. And I’m pretty sure she’d love to read this as much as I’d love her to read it as she’s sitting in some boring meeting, dreaming about the weekend coming […]

Change the world

Consider this thought I had: I am alive and free to do just about anything — anything — I want, but I’m not. Rather, I’m stuck on a course molded by years of habit, reinforced by the smallness of my imagination and what I deem possible or impossible. This thought […]

I like what I do, but…

Today I had dinner with Wilson and Zixuan. It was the first time in many years (I’d think it was ten) that we’d had dinner together, the last time probably when we were still in Montfort Secondary. We chatted about the usual things: our jobs (or lack of); other people’s […]

Every once in a while

I’d get a sudden feeling of hope of a better future. As if it was now that the life I was living Would start more closely resembling The life I was dreaming of. But like the ghosts of people past, These feelings fade, Leaving me only with the knowledge That […]