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How to be Confident

There’s a wonderful article on PsychologyToday regarding confidence, called Confidence: Stepping Out. It gives a rough overview of what confidence is, as well as a few tips on how to develop it. This four-page article also describes an interesting experiment relating the similarities and differences between two groups that had […]

Like Chalk and Cheese

I told you we were like Chalk and Cheese, Togetherness would be a mess. You looked at me and smiled, But you didn’t say anything. I asked you if you knew what I was saying. You said you did. I was upset you weren’t upset. Difference drives people apart! Suddenly […]

Wrong About You

The heart and mind of a woman puzzles everyone but me. From the way she looked and talked to me, I knew she liked me. I always had this instinctive way of reading things, reading people. I prepared flowers, a short little speech, and a little gift wrapped and scented […]

Drupal or WordPress?

I’m having a little trouble concentrating on studying at the moment. Every time I open up one of my books and start reading about “Information Systems” and “Systems Development”, my hands start twitching uncontrollably and my mind goes wandering off into the land of websites and information technology. I start […]

Australia and Weight Loss

I was warned before hand that I was going to grow fat here. Warned by many people. But… Food here’s too expensive, so I eat considerably less. Entertainment’s hard to come by — things you can do here are limited. Without a car, and without a propensity to spend my […]

One Man, Two Voices

“Wait for it, wait for it,” I thought, as I waited for the man, a Caucasian, to stop talking and for my friend to start. The man eventually stopped, and my friend started. I smiled to myself as my friend started to talk in a hodgepodge of an accent. I […]