Wrong About You


The heart and mind of a woman puzzles everyone but me. From the way she looked and talked to me, I knew she liked me. I always had this instinctive way of reading things, reading people.

I prepared flowers, a short little speech, and a little gift wrapped and scented with a little of my favourite Hugo Boss perfume: “ammunition for the hunt”, as my friend would have me say. Guided by instinct, the hunter that was me was going for the kill.

Just as she was coming into sight, I prepared myself and went closer to where she stood. To my surprise I found that I was not the only hunter around. There was another standing with her, hands stained with the blood-red of cheap wine (and what was that? was he laughing??)

Thinking I had to save this pitiful woman from being hunted from such a horrible being, I shouted to her to stand back as I jumped in front of her to shield her from further torture. Heart pounding, knees shaking (I swear it was the alcohol) I looked him straight in the eyes proclaiming defiance in her name…

And that was when she pushed me away (how strange that seemed…)

Confused and confounded I looked at her and saw a coldness I had never seen before, like Jesus to the merchants at the temple.

What just happened? It wasn’t supposed to be like that. How awful I felt, standing there, protecting whom that didn’t need my protection, doing what that didn’t need to be done.

What an idiot I was.

What an idiot I was to be so wrong about you.

One thought on “Wrong About You

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  1. She says she hates but she really loves,
    And no one knows but the Lord above.
    He tells a lie when he ignores her so,
    Her being there sets his heart aglow.

    Both in love with one another
    But each refusing to take the chance;
    He wants to ask, she wants to accept,
    But this couple shall never dance.

    Never a day will they hold hands,
    Never a day will they kiss;
    Forever and a day will they rue
    This love that they have missed.

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