Rules I Live By

Here are some rules I live by. I had never actually consciously used them, until the last few years, where I’ve learned through greater self-awareness what drives the motivations behind me. I do think that most of these are “positive”, but like Rule #1 on my list, “there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

  1. There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
  2. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.
  3. A bird in the hand may be worth two in the bush. But if you believe you’ve got a good chance at getting those two, go for it.
  4. Knowing how to talk can be used with great leverage during interviews and the like. Therefore, learn how to talk.
  5. Do not treat others as you’d like them to treat you: they may not like the same things you do. Instead, treat them as you’d like to be treated if you were them, and they, you.
  6. If you don’t have time, make it. I once booked in to camp at 11:30 pm. I had booked out earlier that day, during the afternoon, and had actually planned to go for a run in the evening, before booking in. But I spent a little too much time in front of the computer, and didn’t go. By the time I finally decided to go running, it was too late. A case of not enough time? I booked in, sat on the bed, all bothered by my missing this run. Deciding that we have enough time for anything, I decided to sacrifice some sleep for that run, and went to the track to complete that run. I decided to make time for running by taking time from sleeping; this leads me on to the next rule:
  7. Think of things not in mere “cost”, but also in “opportunity cost“. Opportunity cost is the cost of not getting the next best alternative, the benefit foregone from not using a good or resource in its best alternative use. I could buy that $500 PDA , or I could put it in an investment vehicle earning (historically) 5% per year. The opportunity cost would therefore be the income I would get should I have invested it. But if I invested it, the opportunity cost would be my not having the organisation capabilities of the PDA, which could result in greater returns if I were a busy executive in need of the organisation a PDA would provide.

These are just some of the major rules I live by everyday. I hope you find something useful in this list. Perhaps you’ve got your own, and I’d love to hear from you if you do.

Lucky Dresden Lea

She picked up the pen and tried to write,
But stopped as she struggled for things to say.
Thinking the muse might be found in the
Papers, she looked for the events of today.

Headlines reeked of death and destruction,
Not quite what she had had in mind.
What she wanted was more of a story about
someone courageous, heroic, or kind.

This letter, you see, was for her own hero–
Someone whom she felt exactly as such.
This hero was someone she was in love with,
And she, someone he loved very much.

But she and her hero never did tell
About the secret love they had shared;
Not that they didn’t try, they did! but
Fear ensured their souls never did bare.

Alas, she came across a heroic story about
A man who died saving his friends at sea:
A huge wave had overturned their boat,
Ironically named “Mister Lucky”.

“Mister Lucky, Mister Lucky, that is
A very familiar name,” thought she.
“Wait a minute, wait a minute, is that
not the boat of ‘Lucky Dresden’ Lea?”

Dresden Lea –her hero– was fishing with
Friends when a giant wave hit from behind,
The strongest swimmer, he rescued three,
Before being dragged down by a fishing line.

The line, tied to the boat, got hooked
To his boot as he tried to save another,
And as the boat went down, it was yet
Another case of hook, line and sinker.

Her eyes were red, her hero was dead,
And that letter never got written.
The papers tomorrow will tell of more sorrow,
And reek of death and destruction.

Headlines today:
A hero dies at sea;
Headlines tomorrow:
A suicide mystery.

Kill the Silent Girl

I had a conversation with Zixuan last Monday regarding the fairer sex.

I copied the later part of the conversation — a discussion on the types of girls I like — below.

A little point to note: this conversation was quite a long one, and the lead up to this, where I say “that fckng btch” was quite emotional. But all the swearing, believe me, was done in a light-hearted manner, and is not representative of how I behave in real life… really.

[11:43] Donn says:
that fckng btch
[11:44] Zixuan says:
[11:44] Donn says:
but if you know of any nice, quiet, decent, rich, english speaking girl.
[11:44] Zixuan says:
u haven met the real nice girls
[11:44] Zixuan says:
frenly and nice
[11:44] Donn says:
i don’t need friendly.
[11:45] Zixuan says:
[11:45] Zixuan says:
aiya when u try a gf then ur requirements will change believe me
[11:45] Donn says:
i hope they don’t. i like my requirements.
[11:45] Zixuan says:
imagine a girl who dun talk
[11:45] Donn says:
yes. i’m thinking of [name ommited].
[11:46] Zixuan says:
erm dun talk then watz the point
[11:46] Zixuan says:
after a few years she would appear non-existant
[11:46] Zixuan says:
then its boring
[11:46] Zixuan says:
and then u would kill her
[11:46] Zixuan says:
and u will be in the news
[11:46] Donn says:
[11:46] Zixuan says:
and ppl will donate money to u
[11:47] Donn says:
i have to save this conversation and put it on my blog
[11:47] Donn says:
and when i do kill someone there’d be evidence pointing to you
[11:49] Zixuan says:
[11:49] Zixuan says:
can’t be used as evidence

If I do kill anyone because she doesn’t talk to me, you know who influenced it.

Life Update 2

It’s been a while since I last wrote about the things going on in my life. Yes, there’s the “About” page, but as most people know, “About” pages aren’t exactly updated frequently. So here’s a list of going-ons in my life, my “Life Update” if you will, as I have done so previously (more or less in a random order):

  1. I’ve officially completed my two years National Service (Full-Time) — or NSF — tour. I collected my pink IC (Identity Card) last Tuesday, on the 17th of October, 2006.
  2. I’m currently working at UniSIM, Singapore’s fourth University (or so they tell me). I’ll be here anywhere from end of December this year to end of January next. It’s a temp job, so I won’t bother providing details on it (unless, of course, there are violent objections)
  3. Starting next November, I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and writing my first novel. The definition of novel to them (the organisers) is very broad, so I’m likely to write experimental fiction (I love being creative with rules). My novel will be written on my site. I first found out about this more than a year ago while looking through Rachel’s blog. Thinking it’d be a good way to celebrate the end of my NSF, I told myself that I simply had to participate in this, and I so I signed up.
  4. I’ll have my practical driving test on the 15th of December.
  5. I’ll be running my very first marathon on the 3rd of December. I had actually built up a good mileage-base up till August. But I hit a snag when NDP (National Day Parade, of which my army unit was involved) came along. My rythym disrupted, I stopped running for almost a month. I picked up again in September, but my long-runs have thus far been limited to 12km or less, which for the purpose of running a marathon, a very, very short distance. With only a little more than a month to go, I can’t quite pick up the distance fast enough, so I’m quite prepared for a slow time, a lot of pain, or both.
  6. I’ll be off to UWA (University of Western Australia) next Feb. I’ll be taking a bachelor in commerce, though what I’ll major in will depend quite a bit on serendipity. Perhaps now, as compared to my polytechnic days, I’ll make the smarter choice and pick the one with more girls!
  7. I long for a change of the look, yet I’m finding it really hard to find time to settle down and get it done, especially with work and NaNoWriMo just around the corner. I hate generic designs, and currently it’s as generic as generic gets, and looking amateurish with a few custom logos and edits here and there haphazardly put in. Believe me, this is far from my best work.
  8. On the last point, I’m currently thinking about whether or not to switch back to my own CMS (content-management system). I’m finding that WordPress seems to carry too much baggage, having many things that I don’t use, and not all the things that I used to have.

His Final Wish

A very interesting story about a dying boy and his final wish, taken from The Sun:

A dying boy aged 15 had his final wish granted by medics — to have sex once before he lost his battle with cancer.

The shy lad confided in a hospital nurse that he did not want to die a virgin.

A child psychologist was consulted — and gave the GO-AHEAD for the lad to visit a hooker.

Pals of the youngster held a whip-round to pay for the romp, which was kept secret from his parents.

Yesterday the psychologist involved revealed: “He was very, very happy — and only slightly disappointed that it was over so quickly.”

He added: “Quite clearly the law was broken. But of the people involved, most didn’t give a toss.”

The expert defended his decision as the case sparked an ethics storm in Australia.

He insisted the romp had been beneficial.

The doctor said: “People talk about a trip to Disneyland being therapeutic — what’s the difference? It was what he wanted.”

The sex outing was revealed after the psychologist told of the boy’s wish in a letter to an Aussie radio show.

The anonymous doctor claimed it was not the first such plea he had received.

And he said hospital staff themselves had wanted to pay for the treat — but were barred from doing so for ethical and legal reasons.

The boy, referred to as Jack, died last week.

The Sun Online – News: Lust wish of dying boy Dying boy, 15, gets wish: losing virginity


He looks at the clock. It reads “5:00”.
He is a little anxious.

“5:15” and he taps his fingers on his desk.
His colleagues wonder if woodpeckers ever get headaches with all the tapping they do.
Tap. Tap. Tap.

It’s 5:25. A bead forms on his temple. An ant below drowns in the dead sea.

5:29. Click/Click. The computer gives its final whurrr.

5:30 arrives! The battle won, he THRUSTS his hands up in the air, and dashes out for a celebratory drink with friends.

9:30 prompts another sip of that beer.
    And he remembers 5:30.
        And the victory.
            But he sighs;
                for in another 11 hours another battle will ensue.

But wait!
    time stops!

as 34-24-34 walks by.

Apple Onsite Repairs?

As I was thinking of getting a MacBook from Apple and bringing it over with me to UWA (University of Western Australia), I decided to take a look at their “AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook Pro/PowerBook“.

I scanned through the text once quickly, and decided that it wasn’t for me. But an asterisk at the bottom of the page caught my eye:

apple protection asterisk

Hmm… “Onsite service is not available in all locations”? Now, what on earth is that about? So I scrolled up, and saw this:

apple protection 1

So Apple, your protection plan will give me peace of mind? And I’d probably give you a piece of mine.

To all readers, I’d just like to thank you for reading. To show my appreciation, and generosity, I’ll give you a million dollars for reading this.*

* Yeap, you guessed it, million dollar reward for reading not available at all locations.

The Tricky Business of Identity

“Who are you, really?” asks she.

“I am who you think I am.” says he.

“Don’t play games with me.”

“Who else could I be? Tell me.”

“I want to know what you think most people think you are.”

“Popular opinion does not a man make.”

“A man’s identity is only so much as people — society — sees it to be. Society bases itself on popular opinion. A good man, if by popular opinion is made bad, is a bad man.”

“So I am not who I think I am?” asks he.

“No. You are what people think you are.” says she.

From Dawn to Dusk

If I married a girl called Dawn…

It is early morning. Phone rings.

“Hi, can I speak to Dawn please?” says she.

“Donn speaking,” says I.

“No, Dawn. I want to speak to Dawn.”

“Erm, yeah. Donn here.”

“No, Dawwwn,” stresses she.

“Oh, Dawwwn,” stresses I. “Hold on a minute please.”

Meanwhile, Dawn’s in the study.

“Dawn darling,” says I, “it’s your call.”

“What’s that dear?,” says her, “my call?”

Dawn stares out of the window. She seems deep in contemplation.

“Yes, darling” says I, rolling my eyes, “I think it’s Angela. She’s looking for Dawwwn.”

“Hmm… Dear?” says she.

“Yes?” says I.

“I’ve been thinking ’bout what you said last night regarding our names, the confusion and all that…” says she, “maybe I should change my name.”

“That would be most helpful darling. We can’t just go changing mine can we? We do have to think about.”

“Yes dear, I understand… I’ve decided on ‘Dusk’,” says she.

“Dusk? Dusk. I like that. Dusk darling. I love it. I’ll go inform Angela.”

“Thanks dear.”

I walk over to the phone.

“Hi, this Angela?” asks I.

“Yes. I’m looking for Dawn,” asks she.

“Yes, about that. Just like to inform you Dawn can’t come over to the phone right now. She’s busy.”

“Busy? Oh,” says she.

“She’s changing her name. Perhaps you could call tonight?” says I.


“Yes. You see, she’s changing her name from Dawn to Dusk.”