Lucky Dresden Lea

I had this thought pop onto my mind while riding on the bus to work: I die. Nothing remains of me (the crash is bad, body badly burnt), except (miraculously) my bag. A newspaper publishes a photo of the destroyed bus, and my family only realises that I was involved in the crash after seeing my bag in a small corner of that photo.


He looks at the clock. It reads "5:00". He is a little anxious. "5:15" and he taps his fingers on his desk. His colleagues wonder if woodpeckers ever get headaches with all the tapping they do. Tap. Tap. Tap. It's 5:25. A bead forms on his temple. An ant below drowns in the dead sea.... Continue Reading →

On Humility

Q: What do you think is your strongest attribute? I would go for humility. Humility is, I find, the best policy. Q: Humility is the best policy? That's interesting. How about honesty? Do you not think that's important? Humility is in itself a lie.

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