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Getting Real by 37Signals

In what must be one of the most serendipituous moments of my recent life I hit upon 37Signals’ Getting Real TOC page after doing a search of a string of text that randomly entered my mind. (The whole book’s available online for free? Wow!) I’d first read Getting Real in its physical […]

Building an Antifragile System

I just completed the testing of a new program I wrote. 500 lines of well-commented code, making debugging easy if necessary. With this program, the reports we run daily in the morning would take 10 minutes instead of the usual hour, and fully-automated too. Without any manual inputs, the potential […]

On antifragility and new stuff

Taleb once again scores with me with his book on “antifragility”. Like his book on randomness and black swans, this book has opened my mind to a concept that I’ve intuitively felt but never been able to put down in words. I wrote once about “destroying things” to love them […]

User requests are like hunger pangs

“So, when is the [request] going to be ready?” he asks me, the fourth person to ask in a one-week period. This, I think to myself, is probably real hunger. “I’m working on it,” I reply, which means I’m waiting it out to determine how important the request really is. […]