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Giving Up My Seat

I take a train home from work every workday, from HarbourFront to Kovan. Taking the train from HarbourFront, being the final stop on the NEL (North-East Line), I am almost guaranteed a seat. You’d think this was a good thing; I know I did. But lately I’ve been questioning the […]

Think. Wisely.

From John Locke: To think often and never to retain it so much as one moment is a very useless sort of thinking; and the soul in such a state of thinking does very little if at all excel that of a looking-glass, which constantly receives variety of images or […]

In the Café

I was there in the café When she walked in, Looking as fabulous As she ever did. Or so they say. Picking her seat, Taking off her coat, She revealed soft, Flawless skin. Or so they say. The waiter who Took her order gushed When he heard her soft, Husky […]

Personality Testing

My brother recently told me that he was exasperated at being unable to figure out what his “true” personality was. He had just a week before picked up two of my books on personality testing using the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI (take a free personality test at and […]

On Investing

Imagine that you are losing money in the stock market. Using your investment strategy, your initial investment of X dollars leads to a loss of $100: Investment Strategy ($X) = $X – $100 An example of such a strategy might be to sell stocks upon reading bad news of a […]

Retiring Young

I had always had the thought that I’d become “financially independent” before I hit the age of 45. By financially independent I mean that even if I chose not to work another day in my life, my expenses would still be less than my income; this income will come not […]