Personality Testing

My brother recently told me that he was exasperated at being unable to figure out what his "true" personality was. He had just a week before picked up two of my books on personality testing using the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI (take a free personality test at and has been bothered ever since.... Continue Reading →

On Investing

Imagine that you are losing money in the stock market. Using your investment strategy, your initial investment of X dollars leads to a loss of $100: Investment Strategy ($X) = $X - $100 An example of such a strategy might be to sell stocks upon reading bad news of a company whose stock you own,... Continue Reading →

Retiring Young

I had always had the thought that I'd become "financially independent" before I hit the age of 45. By financially independent I mean that even if I chose not to work another day in my life, my expenses would still be less than my income; this income will come not from full-time work, but rather,... Continue Reading →

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