Personality Testing

My brother recently told me that he was exasperated at being unable to figure out what his “true” personality was. He had just a week before picked up two of my books on personality testing using the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI (take a free personality test at and has been bothered ever since. Like me, he seems unable to find the one true personality, and is stuck between being an INFP and an INTP — I, too, am stuck between the thinking and feeling functions, and find that I am mostly INFJ, but in many ways am also an INTJ.

Though I’ve conceded that I’m possibly both INFJ and INTJ, depending on the situation, my brother seems intent on finding out his one true type. He believes that upon finding out what his true type was he could then focus his efforts on developing that personality to the fullest, and thereby be better able to perform to this “full potential”. When I asked him what he meant by this he had no answer; but I think he knew it in some intuitive way that by knowing your personality type, you could better identify latent strengths and weaknesses you may not have recognised otherwise, since other people with the same personality type would have had similar strengths and weaknesses as well.

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