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Will You Marry Me?

“What are you doing?” she asks, after being ignored for the past ten minutes. “Doing up a photo,” I say. “Of Arsene?” (Arsene’s my cat.) “Nope, I’m just doing up a photo.” And she leaves it at that, letting me be for what seems like five minutes. Then she hears […]

I Got an Olympus E450!

I just thought I’d like to announce that I had gotten myself a new digital SLR. It’s the Olympus E450. Though initially not too thrilled about its lack of an image stabaliser, and seriously considering trading up to an E620 that does, after using it a while I’ve taken quite […]

Without Goals

Due to a start-stop run-training routine, I completed the Army Half Marathon yesterday in what was one of my worst timings ever. I also ended up with terrible muscle aches and a recurrence of an acute pain in my left knee, and as a result I was forced to take […]

Living the Life Others Never Will

Don’t bother thinking too much about whether or not you’re living the life that you should be living, whether you’re doing “the best you can” or whether you’re “living the best life possible” — there is no such thing. But if only it were that easy to stop thinking: what if […]

Life is Meaningless

Sometimes you’re just minding your own business when out of the blue reality hits you: life is meaningless. But despite your new-found revelation, you carry on with a big grin on your face, pretending everything’s all right; eventually, you’ll realise life isn’t meaningless or meaningful, and that meaning’s just a […]