Will You Marry Me?

“What are you doing?” she asks, after being ignored for the past ten minutes.

“Doing up a photo,” I say.

“Of Arsene?” (Arsene’s my cat.)

“Nope, I’m just doing up a photo.”

And she leaves it at that, letting me be for what seems like five minutes. Then she hears the clickety-click of the keyboard.

“Aren’t you doing up a photo? Why are there typing sounds?” she asks.

“I’m writing something, why?” I reply.

“Oh, nothing.” She says, and returns to watching her show, oblivious to the fact that I’m writing this post in preparation for my proposal tomorrow… will she marry me?


When this post goes live, it will be about two more hours before I pop the question. At that time, we’ll be on the cable car, on our way to Sentosa — and she’ll have no where to run, and no where to hide; and what’s more, she’s afraid of heights — dare she say no?! Ha!

I love you ger ger.


(Bonus picture: look at how oblivious she is to what I’m doing. She looks delightful while she’s watching TV doesn’t she?)


5 thoughts on “Will You Marry Me?

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  1. omgooooodness Donn are you guys engaged already?!?!?! 0.0
    congrats, im pretty sure LX said YESSSSSS!
    i’m so excited!
    please remember to invite me to your wedding, housewarming and baby’s 1 month party! :D:D:D
    AND WHAT A PRETTTY RING!! (: LX must be overjoyed. haha.

  2. Yes!! She said Yes!! haha! I knew the scared of heights thing was going to work… wahahaha

    housewarming and baby…. erm… lol… still a way more to go before THAT!

  3. YAY 🙂


    I’m waiting for my invite to your wedding, thankyouverymuch! Hahaha. Better tell lx to stop hiding from msn and facebook and answer our questions!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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