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Holding Hands

Though not a believer in soul-mates, you are closer to one that I’d ever get without my resorting to blasphemy. I remember the first time I held your hand. I was expecting sparks; a skip in the beat of my heart; a shiver down my spine; But when I held […]

Remove Virtumonde.gen from Windows XP

I was infected by the Virtumonde virus/trojan about a week ago. According to the F-Secure website Virtumonde runs hidden from the user and displays pop-up advertisements. The adware connects to a server and queries for advertisements to display. The adware actively prevents removal by using several different techniques. In my […]

The Time Dimension of Love

He looked over at her and sighed. Must she do that? he thought to himself, shaking his head slightly in disapproval. Maybe, he thought, she isn’t quite the right person for me. He stood up from his chair and walked over to her, all this time keeping his eyes firmly […]

On Goodness

I have been fascinated with “goodness” from a young age. My younger days: 5 – 13 years My younger days (pre- to early-teens) were concerned with how goodness was necessary to ensure one didn’t go to hell. I remember taking a boat ride through “hell” at the now defunct Haw […]

Money and Happiness

Money brings to me its own intrinsic reward. For as far as I can remember, I’ve always liked accumulating money. I hated spending it, most of the time. I liked money for its own sake, and would often ask myself before major purposes: would I rather have the money, or […]


I’m finally employed! With a little over a year passing since I contemplating (and announcing to the world my contemplating) working while studying, I’m relieved that I have finally made good on my word that I’d find work here. And, I actually got two job offers within the space of […]

The Age of Turbulence

I name this post after the book I’m currently reading, The Age of Turbulence, by Alan Greenspan. I honestly didn’t quite know who Greenspan was before reading this book. I knew he had something to do with the American economy, and was the chairman or head of some government agency […]

What is Love?

I was writing in my journal when I, quite without thinking, wrote this line: What else is love but the continued acceptance of a person despite the person’s flaws? Though it’s not the perfect definition of love, I thought it was pretty good. And if you love me, you’d agree, […]