The Relativity of Money

Any sum of money is relative — $5 compared to $10 is pretty big (50%), while $5 compared to $1,000 is pretty small (0.5%). And this relativity is important because when it comes to financial matters, we are often unware that it exists, leading us to bleed more money than we think we do. Gary Belsky and Thomas Gilovich illustrate this fact in their book Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes (as quoted by G. Scott Budge in The New Financial Advisor).
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My Foray into Sales

As a fresh graduate, I have been exploring my career options lately — looking at the recruitment section of newspapers, browsing job search sites, asking friends etc, and applying for jobs and going for interviews. In what was one of the earliest “serious” interviews that I have been too, I was asked a question that I found difficult to answer: “why have you been applying for all these sales jobs?”

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On rah-rah self-improvement

I’ve always had this love-hate relationship with self-improvement. On the one hand, I can’t get enough of it. I love reading about it; talking about it; and even occasionally actually acting upon the new things I learn about. On the other hand, self-improvement has always felt corny and overhyped; and oftentimes self-improvement “gurus” simply promise too much.

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The Job Search

For the past two weeks or so I’ve been actively looking for a job. Then again, it wasn’t so much a job I was looking for than a career; a vocation; a calling. I’ve heard contrasting theories about the importance of the first job: one proclaiming that the first job is the most important one you can get, and the other proclaiming that it is the least.
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