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I’d heard that absence Made the heart grow fonder, but Never thought I’d think it to be so true; I’d always found it too corny and clichéd, But then… I met you. You’ll be back next week. The months, in hindsight, seem to Have just melted right away. But as […]

On Financial Independence

I was reminded of the concept of retiring young but not necessarily rich while reading the book Your Money or Your Life (by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, one of the best books on personal finance I have read so far), and thought some of you who are into personal […]

Living the Good Life

I had always had this notion that the concept of the “best life possible” — of living the “good life” — was real. I never quite qualified it with reasoning or investigation, and just took it as it was. Then one day, hit by inspiration, I decided to do some […]

The Workaholic

He had always been to me – to a certain extent – the epitome of success at work. But though excellent at what he did – often earning top honours – he never appeared satisfied or genuinely happy with what he had. A smart strategist, he always chose his environment […]